Monday, November 23, 2009

WAM participating artist Vicky Moseley

"I have always considered myself 'Wired for Art' ... drawing and painting since I was a child. I attended a commercial art school in Cincinnati, Ohio to transition my talents into a graphic design career. But my passion as a fine artist is [understandably] restrained rather than encouraged when I am designing for clients on a computer.

So in most recent years I have found myself craving the canvas like some of us crave a decadent piece of dark chocolate ... Insatiable. Now I indulge my cravings! I am exploring my new found freedom on the canvas as a fanatic of texture and dark rich colors, while at the same time, respecting my desire and need for detail. I believe that you are born an artist ... a gift from God. It is how you decide to use His gift that is so critical in molding YOU as an artist. Always open to new ideas, techniques and learning ... heart and eyes wide open ... ALWAYS growing as an artist."

- Vicky Moseley

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