Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Participating Artist Cate Stevens

"Above all I love texture. It's probably the sculptor in me. I love to study shape.
I am also very much drawn to the abstract. My artistic roots go very deep. I was born on the site of one of Quebec's early art destination. My father, Jacques Garnier, a well know Canadian sculptor, designer & ceramist, founded an enterprise named "L'argile vivante" (the living clay) on a charming farm near Montreal.
In the early sixties, the site attracted some of the most talented Canadian artists. My memories from those early years are remarkably rich."

It was evident from an early age that Cate's passion was for the arts, performing and visual. Since 1999 she has been fortunate enough to join our Art business full time.
She has developed an elaborate line of prints, a line of intricate hand painted frames and little by little she is emerging as a painter in her own right.

Guy Stevens

To view Cate's blog click here

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