Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Two Over Zero, Elizabeth Ramos is a guest artist at WAM!!

Were so excited to have Indie Craft Parades very own, Elizabeth Ramos at this years WAM!

Elizabeth is the face behind Two Over Zero papergoods and we are more than thrilled to have her and her fabulous creations.  

Two Over Zero is a local company that designs modern and practical

paper goods. Designers Andrew and Elizabeth Ramos created Two Over
Zero after searching for simple, well-designed paper products (like
recipe cards) and not finding them on the market.

The name Two Over Zero comes from a printing term, meaning that a
sheet of paper is printed with two colors on one side and none on the
other. Each product from Two Over Zero uses this formula, focusing on
the beauty and functionality of two-color graphics.

What you'll see at Winter Art Market:
Christmas tags and cards in bright, retro colors, illustrated by Andrew Ramos.
Modern recipe cards, great as a stocking stuffer or hostess gift.
Screenprinted flat thank you cards, perfect for sending a quick thank you note

Make sure to come see Two Over Zero!! During WAM, Elizabeth can be found at Christina Nicole Studios, Studio 110 at Art Crossing. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christina Nicole- Jewelry Designer at WAM

Art Crossing is pleased to announce one of our own, Christina Nicole as a participating artist at this years WAM. Christina has Studio 110 at Art Crossing and is a jewelry designer and works with vintage jewelry thats around 40-70 years old.

 Christina Nicole creates jewelry that brings timeless elegance and vintage fashion together with a modern twist. Christina restores brooches, charms and heirlooms that can only be recreated by her vision of celebrating the modern yet feminine woman.

Based in Greenville, South Carolina, Christina's jewelry is inspired by the dedication to preserve the stories behind each piece so that new memories can be made.

You can find Christina at her Studio, here at ArtCrossing.org 

and of course, on facebook: Christina Nicole- Facebook

Monday, November 22, 2010

Skeleton Leaves Debuts at The 2010 WAM!!

Here at WAM, were dedicated to the cultivating, encouragement and helping of new, up and coming, local artists. We are so proud to announce another fantastic addition to the paper goods/mixed media category: Skeleton Leaves. 

Georgia Ann of Skeleton Leaves has recently taken the plunge and started doing what she loved: anything and everything paper related. She is working hard to pursue her dream and were stoked to support her and watch her and her dream take flight.

2010 WAM will be the first debut for Skeleton Leaves and were just as excited as she is!!!

Here's a bit about Georgia Ann of Skeleton Leaves:

"Skeleton leaves are shells of their former bright, living, and green selves. But, they hold their own beauty and intricacies. My work is about reclaiming remnants from the past and finding the beauty that still exists within them even though they are now faded, antiqued, or torn. The idea of the skeleton leaf just seemed to fit."

WAM will be carrying these handmade Christmas ornaments, cards and other paper goodness...

Don't miss Greenville's newest paper goods/mixed media artist, Skeleton Leaves at this years Winter Art Market. Its her debut and were so proud of her!! 

You can follow Skeleton Leaves at: SKELETON LEAVES BLOG....DO IT!

We heart her and all of her "paper goodness"!!!

Announcing: Christin O'Bryan a participating artist at WAM!

Christin O'Bryan has a career as a graphic designer, which means you'll usually find her at a computer. However in her free time Christin enjoys whipping up all sorts of handmade projects—using vintage & new materials to create something new and unique. Originally from Illinois, Christin now lives in Greenville with her husband. 

What you'll see at Winter Art Market: 
• Journals & Sketchbooks - handmade from new and reclaimed materials, these blank journals are perfect for writing or sketching. Each features a sturdy binding and a one of a kind cover design. 
• Collage Postcards - Send a work of art! Each postcard is uniquely crafted by the artist. 
• hand-printed book plates
• Hand-made, embroidered Christmas ornaments and felt accessories

Here at WAM, we heart, heart, heart Christin's pieces and are VERY excited to have her as a guest artist this year! 

Make sure to check her our at: http://wishfulthinkingdesigns.wordpress.com/

Thanks for joining us, Christin!!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guy Stevens Art Studio

Guy has been hard at work, painting still-life, villages by the sea and even Horses. He recently sold a collection, to an investment firm, which is expanding here in Greenville. The key piece of their collection is this attached image: "Three Moons". He wrote a short children story to go with it:
"Once upon a time, three Moons shone down the Sea. In this magic light, a beautiful girl in a white dress appeared. She was riding on a black whale. The Sea breeze ruffled her hair. Her smile made the waves sing. A mysterious light sparkled like little diamonds in the tree tops. The lighthouse man stood under the trees and gazed up at the sparkling stars in the sky. The village grandma, in her red hat, waved goodbye to two horses, as she prepared to board her sweet dream sailboat. The little children of the village gazed across the bridge of dreams, as their mothers tucked them in bed. The lighthouse smiled good night."
Join us for the Winter Art Market!

Cate Stevens' Paintings

I promised myself I would paint more this year and I have. Since we were growing sunflowers and were lucky to enjoy wild daisies in a field near our house, I painted a lot of daisies and sunflowers of all sizes; on paper, canvas and on wood. This week I began an abstract series and a Fall tree series. I look forward to sharing all of these with you at the Winter Art Market and beyond.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Al Keiser- Art Crossing Participating Artist

Al Keiser returns to this year's Winter Art Market!!

Here's a bit about Al and what he does...

Al Keiser was printing on canvas until he started to experiment with various fabrics. After several months, he stopped working with canvas in order to concentrate on printing fine art photographs on satin, a surface that gives a distinctive look to his work. In addition, he created a line of scarves and ceramic tiles, printed with his photographic images. “I enjoy the process of research and development, aligned with the creative aspects of photography, states Keiser, “and am always expanding my repertoire of images to better serve private collectors, and respond to the needs of corporate clients and public art projects.” 

Visit Al's site: www.alkeiser.com

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Deb Potter at WAM 2010!

Were pleased to announce Deb Potter of Merciful Hearts Farm as a participating artist in the fibers category for the 2010 Winter Art Market.

Here's an artist bio on Deb Potter!

I am a wife, a mother and a farmer who loves and tends to a small army of creatures. My sweet husband, Al, shears the sheep and Angora goats and I take it from there, washing, carding, dyeing, spinning, felting, knitting or weaving our wool and mohair.  My dye studio is in the stable so I am often accompanied by two and four legged friends. I love color and texture, especially in less-than-traditional combinations. Making art from our farm allows me to nurture and create, marveling in each day and sleeping well at night.

Were looking forward to showing Deb's scarfs and wool!! Her work is beautiful! You can see more of her work at her BLOG!

I hear she also plans on spinning on her wheel during WAM, so exciting!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Returning artist, Hallie Gillett at WAM 2010..

Hallie Gillett- Hal the Gal, will be returning to this years Winter Art Market. Here's a little tid bit about Hallie, what she does and images of her AMAZING purses!!!

"i'm a children's book illustrator, a gallery artist, and a color-obsessed creative that loves to stay busy making stuff. from paintings to purses, to sculptures and cookies, i exist to make the world a brighter place. books and animation, good tv on dvd, and more books. i bleed in crayola crayon colors and cover my knicks & scratches with cartoon character band-aids. please enjoy my work. i hope it makes you smile."

Here's a sampling of Hallies adorably awesome handbags and paintings....

Hallie gives the word color a whole new meaning!! Were so thankful we get to showcase her again this year at WAM, dont miss her.... BE THERE!!

Make sure to check her out on etsy: Hallie Gillett- Hal the Gal