Wednesday, November 25, 2009

WAM participating artist Larry Seymour

"Wildlife has always been a part of my life. I feel the best way to show the love I have for the fantastic animals of this world is to paint them. After two trips to Kenya, I have found that the animals of Africa have a special place in my heart which I must express in my paintings.

My paintings are done from photos that I or my friends have taken of wildlife we have seen. I first do a pencil drawing of the photo I am using. Once the drawing is done, a piece of acetate is cut to mask the subject and an airbrush is used to spray a watercolor base for a background. Next, the background is masked with acetate and a base of watercolor is airbrushed on the subject. Lastly, the detail of the painting is done in gouache to give a realistic appearance.

I have worked in all mediums, but I feel I get more realism with gouache. My ultimate goal is to create a painting of photorealism that is pleasing to the eye and desirable by the public."

~ Larry Seymour

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