Sunday, November 29, 2009

Tiffany Ownbey participating artist

"Papier-mâché has been a part of my life since childhood; I started making piggy banks as gifts at a young age. Unable to study papier-mâché in college I decided to focus on ceramics and printmaking, but my passion for papier-mâché was always there, lurking in the background. Using traditional papier-mâché techniques I make figurative sculpture out of vintage sewing patterns (never newspaper), books and found objects. To achieve color in my work I layer colored papers using collage techniques. Most of the materials used in my work have a history; they are often discarded and worn. My work is about emotion and thought process. I am expressing happiness, joy, anger, confusion, etc. with the figures I make. It is my hope that the viewer will relate and feel connected."

~ Tiffany Ownbey

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