Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ron Gillen participating artist

"As far back as I can remember I have drawn, painted, designed and built things. A 40-year career as an architect has sensitized me to visualize in three dimensions as well as in the dimensions of time and space.

What really speaks to me is telling a story or setting a mood in my paintings. Painting is an opportunity for creating theater with paper and paints; I create the actors, script, lighting effects, and scenery of the play.

Further enhancing the painting is the application of pigment nearly full strength with most of the mixing occurring directly on the paper. This challenges fresh and spontaneous action and reaction as the dynamics of watercolor painting progresses.

My paintings are distinguished from many other watercolorists by rich vibrant colors and expressions of light. Even commissioned portraits challenge my imagination to express the personality of a subject in a non-traditional way.

I find many types of subject matter appealing, and really enjoy the challenges of commissions. Landscapes, architectural subjects, re-creating historical scenes, still life, and portraits represent the scope of past works."

~ Ron Gillen

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