Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Participating Artist Guy Stevens

It's so intriguing to watch Guy paint, I never know what his painting in progress will become. Sometimes the changes are subtle but most often they are striking or even a total transformation.
He always strive to take his artistic expression to a deeper level. Since moving his studio to the Art Crossing location he has been inviting public participation, particularly children. The response is wonderful. The child gets to paint a few strokes on whichever painting Guy happens to be working on. Some families have such fond memories of their visit they write us about it.
In his own word Guy says: "The simple truth is, I love painting. I love everything about it. I remember being a child of four, and sitting on the floor with a giant box of crayons. My attention was totally captured by the rich colors and how they blended together. As a professional artist of nearly forty years I still study colors and its connection to mankind. "

Cate Stevens

To view more of Guy's work click here

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