Saturday, November 28, 2009

Monica Leaning participating artist

"I am a multi-media artist who works in a variety of mediums to express my feelings, and intent. I will be doing 'book arts' for the Winter Market. To me a book, in its broadest sense, is a container with information. In the artwork shown, my 'book' cover is made of purple wood with computer memory chips, brass hinge and screws. The content, or inside of the book, is made of handmade paper and clear hard plastic sheet which has been imprinted with the computer text of my son's doctoral thesis on math. The inside 'pages' are in the form of tiny pyramids approximately 3/4 of an inch tall. All of these things, computers, math, pyramids, ancient text, and computer text, are intriguing and mysterious to me. The book stands 6 inches tall and I call it, 'Pyramid Secrets'."

~ Monica Leaning

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