Friday, October 29, 2010

Participating Artist: Sarah Kargol

 All of us here at Art Crossing are pleased to announce the return of artist, Sarah Kargol to the 2010 Winter Art Market!!! She and her amazing Monsters will be participating along with her new additions to the "monster family".... Check them out, they're a MUST HAVE!!!

Dont miss out on the new monster cuffs and handbags the weekend of WAM! All handmade by the delightful, Sarah Kargol! 

ps... her monsters have been known to be personal favorites of musician, Jason Mraz, so you know she's awesome! :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Participating Artist Announcement: Erin Cramer

Winter Art Market is pleased to announce, potter, Erin Cramer as a participating artist during WAM.

You can look forward to seeing her new collection of pottery inspired
by Italy showcased during the Winter Art Market. She is planning on making large pieces used in entertaining. Punch bowls and mugs, serving platters, carafes - just
the sort of thing that would look great on a dining room table filled
with guests for the holidays.

Stop into Studio 201 during WAM and look for the potter’s studio in the back.
Erin has a growing collection on display and specializes in custom

You can reach Erin at: 304-906-8813, or
through her website,

Keep an eye out for Erin Cramer at the Winter Art Market!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OCHA Tea Bar-The WAM Tea Garden

WAM is SO pleased to announce that the OCHA Tea Bar will be one of the WAM sponsors! OCHA will sponsor the first ever Tea Garden for Winter Art Market!! 

OCHA tea bar will have an assortment of looseleaf, seasonal tea's for sampling and sipping:) The Tea Garden will have stations set up throughout the market with an assortment of tea's. You can purchase a sample card to walk around and try the various flavors or stick with one you prefer!

Keep an eye out for the upcoming tea selections and more details. Don't miss the first Tea Garden during WAM, December 3rd-5th on the Reedy River!!

And don't forget to add OCHA on facebook!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Heiiidi Hooooo Blog World!!!

Here at Art Crossing, were getting ready for the 2nd annual Winter Art Market!!! Woo hoo!! We've got some really great stuff in the works this year including the addition of a papergoods section we've added to our artist medium. We'll have an assortment of local coffee, tea, snacks and musicians this year. Get pumped!! Here's a sneak peak at this years poster!! Dont forget to LIKE US ON FACEBOOK!! Here's the link... You'll be super cool if you LIKE us!!!

Here's this years poster!

Keep your ears open for more news to come...