Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stephanie Sullivan participating artist

“A found object, a vintage bead, a thought, an image... a bead full of magnificent color clicks into place, a single stone, a space, a refraction of light, then another... click, bead, click. This one, no that one, creating a form, a pattern, a texture... East meets West, balance it, name it and wish it well. Each sent out into the world to find a resting place or showplace - Adornments of unique character. My studio- a fantastic palette of color, texture, and size. Boxes, bowls, design boards, and beads everywhere! Solve the puzzle... Can this be strung? Can it be wrapped, draped, twisted? Will it sparkle around my neck, jingle at my wrist, or swing by my ears in the breeze? Will it twinkle or seduce? Will it Dazzle? What name? What voice? Calls out to the viewer – ‘Buy me! Wear me! Let me speak to you and those around you! Wear me well and often because I am like no other’.”

~ Stephanie Sullivan

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