Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sarah Kargol participating artist

“In a search for something to make for her children for Christmas one year, Sarah Kargol had an idea to take some of her kids’ drawings and turn them into three-dimensional stuffed creatures. Having grown up with a mother who was a seamstress, sewing was a natural solution. Because of Sarah’s love of great thrift store finds, she immediately knew what sort of fabric she would use for these gifts; old salvaged suits, flannel shirts and groovy polyester pants. She used felt and vintage buttons for eyes and teeth. The ‘creatures’ that were created by her children on paper were now actual things they could hold. They were a hit and Sarah’s wheels started turning. She drew up her own crew of ‘monsters’ and began sewing and incorporating them into her paintings.

Sarah’s humorous mixed media paintings evolve from materials that have had past lives. Buttons, fabric, and recycled images bring a sense of nostalgia to her work. One is reminded of the smell of grandma’s closet and the feel of the clothes contained within, and spending hours searching through old jars of buttons for a special treasure to take home.”

~ Sarah Kargol

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