Friday, November 19, 2010

Guy Stevens Art Studio

Guy has been hard at work, painting still-life, villages by the sea and even Horses. He recently sold a collection, to an investment firm, which is expanding here in Greenville. The key piece of their collection is this attached image: "Three Moons". He wrote a short children story to go with it:
"Once upon a time, three Moons shone down the Sea. In this magic light, a beautiful girl in a white dress appeared. She was riding on a black whale. The Sea breeze ruffled her hair. Her smile made the waves sing. A mysterious light sparkled like little diamonds in the tree tops. The lighthouse man stood under the trees and gazed up at the sparkling stars in the sky. The village grandma, in her red hat, waved goodbye to two horses, as she prepared to board her sweet dream sailboat. The little children of the village gazed across the bridge of dreams, as their mothers tucked them in bed. The lighthouse smiled good night."
Join us for the Winter Art Market!

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